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Dr Thomas Verny, MD new book "THE EMBODIED MIND" soon in GREEK, too!

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“The human mind is broader than the brain, bigger even than the body. In this fascinating book, our guide takes us on a journey into the fully embodied nature of mental life, reviewing the cutting-edge science revealing how the body responds to and encodes experience into its structure and function. Filled with exciting summaries of the empirical support for the important view that our feelings, thoughts, and memories are shaped by physiological functions beyond those of our head-encased brain, this book invites us to “think outside the box” and consider the body more than a transport vehicle for who we are, but rather one part of a much larger story than previously believed by contemporary scientific views of mind and self.”

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

New York Times Bestselling Author

IntraConnected; Mind; Mindsight, and Aware

Executive Director, Mindsight Institute


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