Our Prenatal Life  Matters!

You can explore our pre/ perinatal experience and study the ways it matters! Online lectures allow you to build on your knowledge and understanding how our primal life is connected with the quality of our life and the relationships we build in our environment!




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If I could see beyond the others it was because I stood on the shoulders of giants!


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The evolution of our civilization is defined by the love, understanding and freedom that our children experience ...

Every act of empathy helps a child fulfil her/his own potential. Every act of love heals society and leads it to unpredictably wonderful new  directions. 

 - Lloyd de Mause - 

We do not become, we are beings of Mind and Body. We are more than a programmed genome or a walking mind. And of course, WE ARE NOT particularly complicated biological machines that create consciousness. We are living beings and every living entity is more than a physical body in space. It is a body that self-fulfils during life, a body that emerges in time ... 

 - Jaap van der Wal - 

Stressful events in our first years of life can leave permanent traces on specific genes which become prone to neuro-endocrinological and behavioral dysfunction.

 - Arthur Janov -