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Prenatal Sciences Research Institute SOPHIA is one of the main partners of the

Prenatal Sciences Partnership. To get to this website, click here.

If you wish to submit your paper to our Academic, open access, peer-review journal "The International Journal of Prenatal and Life Sciences, ISSN 2945-011X click here




All our programs for 2020-2021 are online!

adding value to life!
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If I could see beyond the others it was because I stood on the shoulders of giants!


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Our Prenatal Life  Matters!

You can explore our pre/ perinatal experience and study the ways it matters! Online lectures allow you to build on your knowledge and understanding how our primal life is connected with the quality of our life and the relationships we build in our environment!

Χρώματα Ελλάδας - Όλγα Γκουνή _προγεννητική φροντίδα
Xromata Elladas

Χρώματα Ελλάδας - Όλγα Γκουνή _προγεννητική φροντίδα

A unique online Professional Specialization Program or all who wish to study Prenatal Psychology

(free from place/time restrictions)! Enrol NOW!